Rolanda Boutique

Rolanda Boutique has been a permanent fixture in London for nearly 14 years. It's an oasis for fashion lovers: yummy mummies, members of the royal family, celebrities and various international clients. Situated in a distinct corner of Battersea Square, it is simply delightful for anyone who is a connoisseur of fashion trends. The boutique is advertised as, "London's best-known fashion weapon."

"My customers are like my girlfriends," says Rolanda with a knowing smile, "they feel comfortable in the shop."
Indeed, clients constantly pop in and out as Rolanda advises them on the seasons best fashion collections and which outfit suits whatever occasion they are preparing for. The mood and atmosphere in the boutique is relaxed and welcoming with some contemporary music quietly playing in the background; the scene is set for some serious retail therapy.

The reason for the success of this boutique is Rolanda's canny ability of sourcing internationally all the current styles and designs. She makes sure that she has new stock every week to keep the boutique fresh and unpredictable. She travels regularly as far as New York, France and Italy, visiting fashion houses just to track down what she describes as, "a collection of one -off pieces offered at prices my customers like to keep a secret." She continues, "I am very well travelled and it reflects on the clothes."

She provides personal shopping services, custom styling and visits clients in their homes whenever it's required. Her chirpy assistant is also at hand to offer any help in selecting the right garments. The shop houses a wide- spectrum of handbags, sunglasses, jewellery, blouses, evening dresses and shoes. All these accessories are very carefully selected to merge into one distinct beautiful and glamorous style that truly entices her customers to keep coming back for more.

Where does Rolanda get her inspiration? She emphasizes that her West Indian childhood has been a great cultural influence; she grew up with relations and friends who had an innate sense of style. As she explained," I used to go to church with my parents and every Sunday service was like a fashion show. In those days people were not as casual as they are now. I grew up watching people; it was just a part of my upbringing." Rolanda added emphatically," When it comes to fashion I am a leader and not a follower."
By Ona Amenechi

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